Part I

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Part I
 is a bilingual performance exploring the themes of mental health and the silent struggle through a variety of performance mediums, based on the real life experiences of those directly involved in the creation of the piece.

The piece premiered on June 4th, 2016 at Gallery Bliss as part of the the 2016 Montreal Off-Fringe Festival. The performance premiered during . Donations were raised for Expression LaSalle centre communautaire en santé mentale.

Performers/Creators: Jacqueline Van der Geer, Lyne Labrie,
Ilana Zackon & Mercedeh Baroque

Director: Ilana Zackon

Stage Manager: Chana Ellman

Dramaturge: Elisha Conway

Sound Designer: Joseph Browne

Production Manager: Shannon Carranco

Third Eye / Movement Coach: Melanie Sirois

Intern: Chloe Giddings

Commercial Graphics: Mercedeh Baroque


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“The show stirred me to reflect on people around me who are suffering, mostly silently, and how mental illness requires us to reach out to everyone and help cope.” (Montreal Rampage)

“Performers Mercedeh Baroque, Jacqueline Van de Geer, Lyne Labrie, and Ilana Zackon bring fierce, powerful honesty to their stories. They use the body to physically express the pain, shame, and terror of a condition beyond their control and the struggle for help.” (Curtains Up)

“An amalgam of personal stories about each actor’s encounter with a mental health issue. Zackon and the other actors tackle how they have handled circumstantial depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, a friend’ schizophrenia and eating disorders.” (Canadian Jewish News)

“[Part I] Bravely offer[s] self-articulations of lived experiences in a time where so much stigma around mental health still exists.” (CJLO)

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